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What's the next Digital Frontier for your business?

Let Us Scout The Future Horizon.

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What We Do

We provide reconnaissance into the edge of technology, providing a bridge between where you are today and what the future might bring tomorrow.

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Strategic Foresight

We help you consider long-term (5-year+) horizons to ignite thinking about how the exponentially changing world will affect your business, and how possible futures might come to pass.

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Demystifying Trends

We advise if current cutting-edge tech such as Metaverse, Blockchain, Digital Assets, Web3, Extended Reality, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) et al may be strategically applicable to your business.

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Innovative Growth

We explore incredible scenarios of how people / systems / technology / culture collides to challenge us and creates opportunities for growth.

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Think Bigger

We design inspirational stories of speculative futures that allow leaders to challenge the limits of imagination, encourage curiosity, and explore new frontiers.

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We Advise CEOs, Boards, and Business Leaders

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Working with CEOs

Future Horizon helps you cut through the digital froth and overcome technology jargon to ensure efforts to ‘future proof’ your business do not fall short. We work with you to understand signals of change, build resiliency through anticipating unforeseen risks, strengthen strategic planning, and create bold visions of the future.

Working with Boards

Future Horizon gives you the tools you need in order to make the right key strategic decisions around goals and resources, looking outside-in unfettered on where your company might be at risk. We provide unconstrained independent advice and diverse objective foresight around transformation, innovation, and digitalisation.

Working with Business Leaders

Future Horizon makes you better prepared to face the future and reduce their risk of being blindsided by change. Get focused and make better, more informed business decisions when it comes to future-forward digital technologies. We work with you to ignite bolder thinking around digital innovation and technology transformation efforts.

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"Luck is preparation waiting for an opportunity"

Master Strategist Ross Brawn, Formula1

We are not victims of what the future might hold if we prepare ourselves in advance.

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Our Approach

Going beyond emerging trends to identify opportunities and risks in context - we challenge short-term (< 5 year) thinking, help anticipate unforeseen risks, and work with you to establish truly strategic foresight capabilities

Challenge conventional thinking

Utilising tools such as environmental scanning, scenario development, whole systems perspectives, paradigm shifts, and analysis of organisational culture for managing change to assist companies achieve high strategic performance.

Provide actionable insights

We don't target the Head of IT or Chief Digital Officer. We apply a business-first lens to every situation, objectively demystifying and pragmatically advising on options once we layer the tech on top later. We bridge the gap and explain the jargon.

Focus on businesspeople

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Notable Projects

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Future Horizon was founded to act as the "Babel Fish", addressing the issue of frustrated senior business people and deep technologists speaking different languages.

Our team brings decades of broad senior leadership experience across industries, with global exposure and a strong track-record of delivering outcomes. Former employers are the likes of Gartner and Kearney. Academic credentials include ESSEC MBA and the Oxford University Blockchain Strategy Programme.

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